3 Adorable Heart Shaped Outfits for Barbie

DIY heart-shaped barbie outfits

Happy Valentine's my fellow dollies! I know its a bit late but to celebrate the occasion, here are three easy Barbie clothes you can make that are heart-shaped theme. I think this has been long overdue for me given how many couple outfits I made for Barbie year after year.

So, get your materials ready cause if there's one thing that Barbie loves, it's her love for fashion.


  • bond paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • the fabric of your choice
  • lace or ribbon
  • embroidery thread
  • white glue

So below are 3 heart-shaped outfits you can make for your Barbie. Some are easier than others but best believe they will all be cute.

1. Of course, the first on our list is a literal heart-shaped top. I saw a lot of different variations of heart tops last year, so I just know I had to make one for Barbie. Given its unique shape, I brace myself for the hours it will take to make this. But to my surprise, I actually got it on my first try (I guess years' worth of my sewing experience finally paid off)

Barbie Heart shaped Outfit

I had so much fun making this heart top that I made two variations of the same top. So, if you want to make one yourself definitely download my pattern and check out the video tutorial, I made on YouTube.

Video Tutorial: Making Barbie a Heart-Shaped Top

Pattern: Barbie Heart Top Pattern

How to Print Doll Patterns (The Right Way)

2. What screams Valentine's more than a heart bag right? This second one I made is not exactly an outfit (more like a part of an outfit), but I included it here since it also follows the heart-shaped theme.

This cute heart bag is not only a statement piece, but its also very easy to make. It is also a no-pattern DIY, which means you don't need to print any pattern to make this. You literally only need to draw a heart and that's it. I also made it into a convertible bag so that Barbie can use it as a handbag or a shoulder bag. 

3. Now if you want something subtle and not very in your face like the first two. I suggest you make this last one on this list, which is embroidering the heart. It might look like I'm joking but this is probably the easiest out of this list. You only need a thread and a needle, and you can just about do this to any Barbie clothes you want. Talk about versatility

Barbie Ken Heart Shirt

And that's about it for this list, I hope you love the heart theme I'm going for this Valentines'. If you want more of this, definitely check out the Couple Outfits I made for Barbie and Ken 

Thanks for reading!



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