5 Barbie Clothes That Requires No Pattern Print

So, the other day someone messaged me that they loved my Barbie tutorials but found them too hard to make, especially for beginners. And you know what I get it, as someone who used to be a complete beginner myself. Sewing Barbie clothes can be overwhelming. 

But trust me when I say it's easy — it's incredibly easy. You don't even need to print barbie patterns at all; with just basic sewing skills and these household items below, you can make barbie clothes completely from scratch.


  • bond paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
  • fabric of your choice

So here are 5 easy Barbie clothes you can make that are beginner-friendly and require no pattern at all.

1. First on this list is what I recommend all beginners to try. It's basically a half-circle dress, and how you made its pattern is by cutting a piece of bond paper. The dress is simple, but a little creativity can really make this dress amazing. Just customize it with beads and ribbons and you can create different outfits every time with just this one dress pattern.

easy barbie dress, barbie christmas dress, barbie dress, diy easy barbie dress
2 different styles, 1 dress pattern

A great example of this are my Barbiecore inspired dress and Christmas dress. It's basically the same dress, but they give off completely different styles. Just watch either (or both) of those videos to learn how to make it and go crazy with styling.


2. Another no-pattern dress you can try is the one made using only disposable masks. Not only does it help save our planet by recycling masks, but it's also an easy barbie dress to sew. Just remember to wash them before attempting to make this.

diy barbie dress from disposable mask, easy barbie dress
From mask to Barbie dress

Question: What if I don't want to use a disposable mask? Can I still make this dress?

Yes, you can! Just replace the mask with a different fabric, and you're good to go. I tried it myself, and it came out looking just the same. But personally, I like the see-through material the mask is made of.

3. If barbie dresses are not your thing, you can also try making this easy kimono jacket. Like all the others included on this list, the pattern can be made completely from scratch. Just watch the video below for measurements. This also fits a curvy Barbie, so what more can you ask for?

4. A favorite of mine from this list is this mother-daughter dress I made for Mother's Day. It's quite similar to the first dress from before, only this is a longer version. It also comes with a dress for your mini dolls that you can pair with Barbie (applicable only for dolls that are 4 1/2 inches tall).

easy barbie dress, barbie dress, kelly doll dress, kelly doll, kelly dress
No-pattern dress on Kelly and Barbie

5. The last barbie outfit on the list is this cute pleated skirt. This is actually one of my earlier works when I was just starting out, so you can bet that this is beginner-friendly. It's versatile too; you can just about recreate this for any type of doll, not just barbie. Just adjust the length and width of the skirt to better fit the doll.

barbie pleated skirt, barbie skirt, curvy barbie, barbie
Pleated skirt on a Curvy Barbie and Regular Barbie

And that's the end of this list. I hope you found this helpful and that it gets you started with sewing your own barbie clothes. If you have any questions or want part two of this no-pattern dress, let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear your feedback!

Happy sewing!



  1. I love these no sew patterns. I would love to see Part Two.