3 Cottagecore Inspired Dress to Try for Licca-chan

liccachan, licca-chan doll

The cottagecore aesthetic has been really taking off ever since the pandemic started. From the fashion to lifestyle, they are everywhere. And of course, who am I if I didn't recreate this trend on my dolls. 

So here are the 3 different doll dresses you can make that are cottagecore inspired.

1. Summer Dress

I honestly don't know what else to call this. Basically the puff sleeves are only at the top part while the bottom are a normal hem. This style of puff sleeves looks good in a short sleeves, hence the name summer dress.

Try pulling down the sleeves for a different look

2. Puffy Sleeves

Compare to the first dress above, both the top and bottom sleeves are puff sleeves. A small piece of advice, if you want the skirt to be extra puffy. Try adding a second layer of fabric onto the skirt

3. Balloon Dress

Now this is the same as the second dress except the sleeves are short. The short puff sleeves kinda form a balloon shape on the arms, which is freaking cute if I say so myself.

You can make these 3 dresses with the pattern I made below. I suggest you go watch the video tutorial on my youtube channel for a more detailed explanation. 

And yes! The pattern can also fit other dolls aside from Licca. As long as they have the same body size, I'm sure it will fit just right. 


That is all for today, Can you believe this is my first blog post for this year 2021. Anyways, I hope you find this helpful and let me know down on the comments if you actually try this. 

Happy Sewing! 




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