Cute Couple Shirt to Make for Barbie and Ken

Happy Valentines day everyone and as this is my first blog post this 2022. I made Barbie and Ken a matching couple shirts, a fitting theme this month of love. I don't know if couple shirts is still a thing now, but I find them really adorable if done right. So below are some of the shirts I made

1. Oversized Shirt

Who doesn't love an oversized shirt, they're super comfy to wear and a cute outfit to pull off for a casual date. Pair it up with the sweatshirt pattern I made for Ken, add a matching t-shirts prints and you have a couple shirt perfect for Valentines

Tutorial on how I made it is up on my YouTube channel, please go watch it and subscribe for more doll content

Video Tutorial: DIY Couple Shirt for Barbie and Ken 

Pattern: Barbie Sweatshirt Pattern

Pattern: Ken Sweatshirt Pattern

If oversized is not your style, you can opt for a crop top. This give off a more casual look compare to the first shirt. And instead of a matching prints for both shirts like above, try to experiment with the prints for a more unique take on a couple shirt. 

And that's it for this post, I hope these two looks convinced you to make your Barbie her very own couple shirt with Ken

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