2 E-Boy Style You Can Make for Your Ken Doll

After making Barbie a Cottagecore inspired dress, I figured I should make a whole series trying out different fashion aesthetic for my dolls. And what better way than to start with the something big. Let's sew the most popular aesthetic to come from TikTok, the E-boy aesthetic

What is an E-boy?

E-boy (technically means 'electronic boy') are a youth subculture that you see a lot on social media specifically TikTok. They have a middle part hair, painted black nails and wears a lot of black oversized shirts. Their style really reminds me of the late 2000's emo style but mixed in with other alternative fashions like scene, goth, grunge and punk.

Although e-boys have a bad reputation (my guess is for making cringy tiktok videos) I do love their fashion style, so we'll try recreating them for Ken

I have 2 styles you can choose from, both equally easy to make

1. The Iconic Look

When I think of E-boy, this is definitely what comes to my mind. An oversized black tee with a black and white stripe long sleeves layered inside. Tuck in the shirt, add tons of chain accessories and we have the e-boy look. I don't know about you but I think I nailed the look well. To recreate this outfit make sure to check out the video tutorial I made on YouTube where I show you the steps on how I made this. 

Video Tutorial: How to Dress Ken Into an E-boy

Patterns: Ken High Waisted Pants 
Ken E-boy Shirt 

2. Preppy E-boy

This is another e-boy outfit you can make, its more on the preppy side compare to the edgy outfit from before. And if you notice there are a lot of layering clothes happening in this style which is quite a challenge while working on the doll patterns. Fortunately it works out well and the outfits look great.

Pattern: Ken E-boy Sweatshirt 

And that's the end of this post. I hope you found this helpful, I honestly had fun creating all the outfits. Like I said I'm making this a series so comment down below what fashion aesthetics you want me to do next

Happy Sewing!



  1. I like your clothes and tutorials. Great job.👌🤩