2 Styles of Puff Sleeve Dress to Make for Barbie

Are you done with the cottagecore aesthetic? 'Cause I'm not, and this time I made one for Barbie. 

But compare to the cutesy dress I created for Licca-chan, I made Barbie's version a bit more mature and flirty romantic. Right below are 2 styles of dress you can choose from.

1. The Basic Dress

Youtube tutorial here

Like the name suggest, this is just a simple and basic puff sleeve dress you always see. Only at the front though, because the back of the dress is really where the magic happens. This is the biggest difference between the dress I made for Licca-chan. 

Pattern: Barbie Puff Sleeve Dress 1

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2.  Peek-a-Boo Dress

Youtube tutorial here

My personal favorite and something I will definitely wear if I ever go on a date. This is a more advance dress though, so I highly suggest you watch my tutorial on Youtube to follow along.

Pattern: Barbie Puff Sleeve Dress 2

And thats the end of it, tell me in the comments which one is your favorite. And let me know what fashion aesthetic I should do next, 'cause I might make more of this

Happy sewing! 



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