2 Styles of Puff Sleeve Dress to Make for Barbie

If you guys watch my YouTube channel, you know I made my Licca-chan doll a puff sleeve dress. Well I figured its about time I made a Barbie version of that dress.

But compare to the adorable princess-like dress I created before, I alter it a bit to be more mature and sexy feminine. And I come up with two dresses you can choose from, both giving different vibes from one other 

1. The Basic Dress

Like the name suggest, this is just a simple basic puff sleeve dress you always see on Pinterest. Only at the front though, because the back of the dress is really where the magic happens. I added strings on the back to tie in a ribbon to make the dress fit more and honestly for the aesthetics. This is the biggest difference between the dress I made for Licca-chan where I utilize the back dress instead more. 

Pattern: Barbie Puff Sleeve Dress 1 

Video Tutorial: How to Make Puff Sleeve Dress (Barbie Version)

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2.  Peek-a-Boo Dress

My personal favorite out of the two and something I will definitely wear if I ever go on a date. It has a cut out to the front unlike the first dress that goees all the way to the back. This is a more advance dress though, so I highly suggest you watch my tutorial on Youtube to follow along.

Pattern: Barbie Puff Sleeve Dress 2 

Video Tutorial: DIY Barbie Puff Sleeve Dress 2

And that's the end of it, tell me in the comments which one is your favorite. And subscribe to my YouTube channel for more doll videos

Happy sewing!