Beginners Guide: The Best Way to Print Miniatures

Before anything else, I would like to put a disclaimer that this is only a printing tutorial for my own miniature templates. So if you have templates from other websites, this method might not work since they might have a different approach to mine. So try at your own risk. 

Anyways if you're here after watching my youtube video, welcome! Below are the printable goods I used for my miniature Sari Sari store. Just click them to see the template:

  1. Miniature Pansit Canton
  2. Miniature Canned Foods
  3. Miniature Sachet Packs
  4. Miniature Snack

How to Print the Right Scale

When I was making my miniature store, printing the goods at a 1:12 scale prove to be the hardest

After trying different methods and experiencing tons of errors. What I'll teach you today is by far the simplest and most accurate way of printing (at least for me)

1.  Download the printables above to your computer then select the image you want to print

2. Right-click the image and select Edit or Edit with Paint

3. Once it opens, press the shortcut key CTRL + P and wait for it to start printing

They should come out like this, easy right? No need to adjust anything and just straight to printing. Anyway I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you still have trouble printing them to the right scale, let me know down in the comments.

Happy Crafting!



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