How to Sew a Furry Kitty Headband

I'm all about saving and being thrifty, so as much as possible I recycle things for all its worth. A perfect example is how I made this adorable kitty headband with just the leftover fabrics I have from my previous refashion.


  • Fur fabric
  • Lining fabric or any thin fabric will do
  • Stretchy fabric (optional) 
  • Garter 
  • Needle and thread
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


1. First, measure how long the headband will be. It should cover at least half of your head. I made mine 18 inches in length and 2 inches in width. Don't forget to add at least half an inch of allowance on each sides.

2. After the patterns are made, cut and sew them together with both right sides facing each other. Then turn it over to get the basic headband.

3. For the cat ears, draw a small triangle on a piece of paper and trace that on the fur fabric. Create about 4 triangles and connect  2 of those together to make a pair of cat ears.

The headband and cat ears should look like this 

4. Once your done with the cat ears, the question now is how to attach it. I first pin the cat ears onto the headband, then handsew it securely with needle and thread. Its a great idea to try the headband on while pinning the ears in place to position it accurately and avoid readjusting it everytime you sew.

5. Lastly, cut a small piece of garter and stitch it on both ends of the headband. I'm not sure how long I cut the garter, but it should be long enough so the headband wouldn't fall off on your head. 

This next part is optional, I wanted a more clean finished so I cut a stretchy fabric of a similar color to cover the garter. Its up you if you want to follow this step but just the garter will also do just fine.

Cat ears headband, fur
About 95% done..

6. Your basically finish at this point, but I still feel that its missing something. So I glam it up a bit more by adding beads and  buttons and your done! Decorating it a little do bring more color and makes the headband extra cute.

And that's the end of it, I hope you found this post helpful. I had a blast making this kitty headband. Not only is it cute, its surprisingly easy to make. Who would have thought I made this with just the leftovers.