DIY: Make Faux Fur Bag With a Vest

Its refashion time again!! Ever since my sewing machine broke last year, it felt like my blog have been in a stand still. But now that it's running again, expect more refashion and DIY's to come. And the first one on the list is this faux fur vest I bought on ukay ukay for 80 pesos (approximately 1.55 USD).

my fave color !!

I've been seeing faux fur a lot lately on instagram. Its pretty on the eyes but way over my budget huhu T^T. So when I found this vest, I fell in love. But me living in a tropical country, I have zero chances of ever wearing this here. So I thought, let just destroy refashion it into something I can use.

So first, I separate and take out all the parts. For this refashion, I will only be using the front half of the vest. I wanna keep the back half for decoration and the other front half for the bag that I have in mind.

Front vest, collar and the zipper

Next, I made my bag pattern. I planning on making a circle bag, so I trace out a circle on a piece of paper. I also made a rectangular pattern from the collar of the vest.

The size is just enough to fit the vest fabric

Once the pattern is done, I trace and cut them on the fabric (allowances included). Giving me 4 circles (2 for the lining and 2 for the faux fur) and 2 rectangles (1 lining and 1 faux fur).

Faux fur and lining

Now its time to sew! Sewing a bag made with this kind of fabric is a first for me. I honestly don't wanna screw it up so I opted to handsew the bag first before running it on the machine. That way I can have a little guideline where to sew and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

Made little cuts on the edges to retain its shape

Next, I trace another pattern (a half circle and another rectangle) on a completely different fabric. This will be the pocket and the bag's zipper. I specifically chose a thicker fabric for this so I wouldn't need to make a lining. I sew the half circle along with the lining turning it into an inside pocket.

Its starting to look like a bag lol

I took the rectangle fabric and zipper and started making the opening. Sewing a zipper can be overwhelming at first, but once you figure out the trick, its relatively easy. You can find many ways online how to sew zippers. 

taking my ruler and started marking the zipper's opening

After that, I connected everything (the front, lining and the zipper) like a jigsaw puzzle. Though I left the 2 corners at the sides open for where the straps will go. I must say it starting to look like a bag.

What the bag looks like 

Side note: I didn't realize the fabric I was using for the zipper actually runs until it was to late to fixed it. Good thing this little hack I did with my previous DIY came in handy and save the threads from running.

Putting a clear nail polish on the raw edges stops the fabric from running

The strap is broken for all to see

Lastly, I hand sew the old bag straps I own on the 2 corners of the circle bag and violà! You now have faux fur bag that looks very eyecatching and soft to touch. The only thing I didn't like is that it gets droopy, so the bag's shape gets distorted. Maybe I should've use a thicker lining but overall, I like it. I've used it often when I go grocery shopping.

Why so pretty ♥

And that's the end of it, this refashion is the hardest and the most challenging for me. I gave my 100% in sewing that bag. And looking at it now, its worth all the effort. What do you guys think?



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