How Ruffles Could Make Everything Extra Pretty

These days I see myself browsing at clothes with ruffles all over them. I see a ton of them on social media and I honestly find these type of style pretty and eye catching.

And I'm so into them lately that I couldn't resist not to create one myself. And for that, I will be using this white button up shirt that some of you might be familiar with since I refashion a similar shirt before
Similar shirt but in a different color
Now to get started, I first removed all the embellishments on the shirt. I wanted the ruffles to be the main focus here so everything  has to go, leaving me with this blank white canvas.

Next I shorten the shirt by making another bottom just slightly higher than its original, and cut off the excess fabric.

Now its just a boring plain shirt

And with that excess fabric, I cut out a ton of long strips that will later turn into ruffles. I don't have much fabric to work with so the strips wasn't as wide as I hope for. Which is too bad but hopefully this is enough to cover the shirt.


Now to make the ruffles, I first hem the edges for both sides of the strips. Then at the top part, I sew 2 parallel lines close to each other in the longest stitch length my sewing machine has to offer. After that, gently pull the 2nd stitch for the fabric to gather and turn into ruffles.

Only pull the 2nd line
What the ruffles should look like

So how do we attached the ruffles? With a seam reaper, I removed the seams from the front shirt all the way to the top of the armholes. Then I pinned the ruffles there in place and sew.

Its kind of alarming how little fabric I can work with. But thankfully, the ruffles I made were enough to cover the front and a bit of the shoulders on the back.

I line the part where the ruffles would go
Then pinned it in place along with
the bottom edges for hemming

Lastly, I shorten the sleeves a bit and hem the bottom. I also decided to removed the collar at the last minute and were done!

The finished product with its sleeves cut short
Change the thread to black so the shirt can have a bit of color

I have one word to describe this top, beautiful! I didn't expect it will turn out so great. The ruffles really did made the shirt look a hundred times cuter. It looks feminine and stylish, nothing like the plain shirt from before. This is by far my favorite refashion hands down!

Look how cute it was on me ^^



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