Jumping On The Cut Out Shoulder Trend

Happy 2018 everyone!! For my first refashion of the year, I pick out this grey button up dress shirt my mom gave me. I have this dress in 3 different colors, so I figured why not experiment with a few of them.

Excuse my sister's poorly shot picture

First things first, I remove all the extra designs (buttons, ribbons, etc.) from the dress. Its cute but it will look crowded later on so it has to go.

Bye bye !!
Next, I lay down the dress and measure 3 inches from the collar. I marked it as point B. And from point B, I added 5 inches more down to the sleeves (that is point C). Now from the armhole (where the sleeves are sewn together), I measured 3 inches which will be point D or the width of the cut out.

After marking the shirt down, I trace point B, C, and D to form a C shape pattern. At this point, try it on and adjust how the cut out will look like. For me, I had to adjust the width and extend its length to make it look more like a half circle. Once your satisfied with how it looks cut the pattern.

Don't forget to add allowance
Then cut..
Now for the other sleeves, I just copy the already cut part in a piece of paper and trace it on the other side. Easy peasy right?

Easy peasy right?
After both the sleeves was cut out. I sew the raw edges closed. You can leave it at that, but for me, I wasn't feeling the dress length. So I cut it short by tracing the bottom pattern a little higher. Cut the excess fabric, sew the edges closed and were done.

Pin the edges then sew
I trace the bottom pattern first in a piece of paper

My thoughts? I like it but I wish I didn't cut the bottom too short. But overall, I think the outcome looks great (I can even turn the sleeves short)

Left: Half sleeves | Right: Long sleeves

Do you also love this fashion trend? Let me know on the comments and tell me if I nailed this refashion.



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