How to Apply For Your NBI Online in Marikina 2018

I made a post 3 years ago about my experience on applying for NBI in Riverbanks Center. But when I recently drop by to renew my NBI, many things have changed. So I decided to update you guys with the changes and how I applied this 2018.

I think the biggest change they made is fully making the process online. Whether you're renewing or a new applicant, everything will be done online. They have a few exceptions before where they accept walk ins for renewal. But now, you need to apply online yourself through their website.

The next change I noticed, is that they no longer have a registrar booth. Which means no more paying there directly. Its best to settle the bill earlier than schedule through the many payment options they have on their website. There is a nearby Cebuana there in case your wondering, but why suffer through all that hassle when you can pay earlier.

And so I applied for NBI online and went to Riverbanks Center  like I scheduled. I listed below what to expect when you visit their branch in 3 easy steps:


Write it or take a photo of it with your phone doesn't really matter. Just show them your reference number and your good to go.

As I said earlier, you need to register online first before you go there. They don't entertain those who didn't schedule online.

Here is the official website where you can register:


They'll double check your information first, then take your photo, fingerprints and signature.


Go to the next booth to claim your NBI clearance and your done. It only took me 3 minutes, waiting in line took much longer. I am by the way, renewing my NBI so I got mine that very same day. But if its your first time applying for NBI, you'll probably be scheduled for another day to claim it. (This is only based on what I have observed so take it as a grain of salt don't sue me!! (/ω\)

And thats all, I hope this post somehow gave you an idea on how to get your NBI in Riverbanks Marikina. If you have any more questions, just ask away on the comment box below.



  1. I need to renew my NBI Clearance but I lost my old NBI number. What should I do?