How to Create a No Bake Graham Cake

How to Make Easy No Bake Graham Cake

And I'm back again with another easy no bake recipe that I'm sure you'll love, since this is a favorite of mine. I always make this on special occasions like graduations, birthdays, new years you name it. I even make on days where I just crave for something sweet. This is basically my go to recipe thats perfect for anyone who can't cook or just too lazy to cook like me :)

What You Need:

  • Graham Crackers
  • Condensed Milk
  • All Purpose Cream
  • Milk or water
  • Mangoes or Mixed Fruits (optional)
  • a container (something rectangular and of deep height)

How to Make:

1. Mixed your condensed milk and all purpose cream in a bowl, chill it for a few hours to get a thicker texture

graham cake, dessert, no bake
Mix it well

2. Sliced your mangoes or any fruit you like into thin slices. This is totally optional, it will still taste great regardless if you put one or not. But for the sake of this blog I added mangoes in (they're sweet and healthy anyway)

graham cake, dessert, no bake, mango
I haven't really slice this one yet :)

3. Take a piece of graham and soak it quickly in the water or whatever is available to you really. This will help soften the crackers and easier for the cream to stick. It also gives the crackers some added flavor if you choose to soak it in milk/juice. Don't soak it for too long though, or it will dissolves in your hand

Graham cake

graham cake, dessert, no bake, graham craker
Don't soak it too long like I did in this picture

 4. Next placed them neatly in a container. Once you fill all the gaps, pour the chilled cream evenly and throw in your sliced mangoes after. You can set them neatly or just scatter them like I did.

graham cake, dessert, no bake
graham cake, dessert, no bake

5. Rinse and repeat until you reach the top and then chill it one last time in the fridge for a good 2 hours. If you have any leftovers, use it to decorate your cake or make another tasty dessert like this. As for me, I crushed my leftover grahams and sprinkled it to the top along with my leftover mangoes.

graham cake, dessert, no bake
Repeat the process

graham cake, dessert, no bake
Decorate then chill

And your done! Easy right? Let me know how yours turn out and Don't Forget to share this post for everyone to see



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