Get the Most Out of Your Short Dress

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Long time no see everyone! This next dress I'm transforming, I was a tad bit reluctant simply because its already pretty. I bought this dress some years ago in ukay ukay and I remember it was love at first sight.

refashion, diy, short dress, cute, fashion
I got it cheap too, 60 pesos for a dress :)
But alas, the time has come where as much as I love it I can no longer wear it. Its too short on me now and I hate the idea of tossing it away. But I dont want it to rot forever in my closet either. So refashion is the only solution
refashion, diy, short dress, cute
I'm already missing a button :'(

As I plan out how to refashion this dress, I set my mind to change as little as possible. Keeping everything simple. In the end, I decided to make it a blouse similar to the one I did before.

refashion, diy, short dress, cute
Like so..
I first separate the skirt and the top with a seam ripper, and then cut half of the top leaving only two buttons behind

refashion, diy, fashion
cut.. cut.. cut..

diy, refashion
Sew the edges closed
After sewing the edges, I reattach the skirt. I originally wanted to hide the raw edges of the skirt. But after some thinking, I leave it on the front for some accent. And after a quick run in the sewing machine, its finally done.
Pin the skirt in place

fashion, refashion, diy, cute
Cute ^^

One of the easiest I made so far, with little to no effort at all. I guess giving the dress a makeover paid off after all

DIY Cute Dress Refashion

Until next time see you..



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