Make an Easy No Cook Graham Balls

Happy holidays everyone!! These days I've been craving for something sweet (must be the Christmas spirit in the air or just me being hungry XD) and since I have a lot of time in my hands I decided to try making the recipe my sister kindly shared to me. She sold these last year in her school as their group project in class and since then I fell in love with it. 

no bake recipe, graham balls

So here goes ..


  • 2 packs of Crushed graham 
  • 1 can of condensed milk 
  • 1 pack of Marshmallows (preferably medium sized) 
  • A bowl of evaporated milk (optional) 


Combine condensed milk and graham in a bowl. Mix them together until the texture is firm. Feel free to add in more grahams if it's too sticky in your hands but not too much or it will be too dry. As for me, I've used up at least 1 1/2 pack of grahams (a pack is at least 200g each)

Grab one piece of marshmallow and cover it with your dough. The marshmallows I used here are in a larger size so I cut it in half to not make my graham ball too big.

I only cut it in half so my graham ball still ended up big -_-''

Form it into a ball and roll it in the remaining grahams you have. You can also used other alternatives like powdered sugar or sprinkles whatever suits your taste and set aside.

graham ball
Form a ball ..

graham balls
Roll it ..

Set aside and repeat ..

Now this is optional, you can dip your marshmallow first in evaporated milk before putting it in your dough to make it softer and creamer

After all of it is finished, you can either eat it right away or set aside in the fridge for at least 5 minutes and VIOLA!! You now have your graham balls. 

graham balls, no bake recipe
The finished product. Enjoy!!


These graham balls are so sweet and soft, you can't get enough. It's very easy to make, no baking or cooking at all that even kids can whip up really quick. I will definitely make more of these treats :)



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