Transforming Boring Pants to Cute Overalls

Happy Valentines everyone!! Even though I don't have a special someone to spend this most romantic day on the calendar, I still look forward to it every year. Maybe because its the perfect opportunity to tell your loved ones (family and friends? who says Valentines day is only for couples) how much you love and appreciate them in your life. Just the thought of spreading the love inspires me so much to make another refashion project.

For this project, I want something cute and feminine, just perfect for this love occasion. So I decided to make an overall shorts out of my brother's old dress pants. Its a little loose on me which is okay since I will be closing the zipper part of the pants.

It even has my brothers name

So first, I took out the zipper and sew the opening closed. Just in case you make one , make sure its a little loose on you otherwise you won't be able to wear it once you sewn the zipper closed.

refashion, zipper
Goodbye zipper ..

Next, I trace and cut the length of how my shorts will be on the dress pants. I also added a little allowance for the edges.

dress pants, refashion, overalls

I took out the two(2) cut out fabrics from the pants and cut its sides. That way when I lay it out on the floor, I have enough fabric to work on for the top of the overall.

refashion, overalls, dress pants
Just one side

For patterns, the measurements I used are:

 overalls, refashion
Length - 9/10 inches
Width: Top - 9 inches
Bottom -13.5 inches
overalls, refashion 
Length - 12 inches
Width: Top - 5.5 inches
Bottom - 7 inches

I trace and cut the patterns (with an added allowance of course) and clean the edges to avoid fraying. After that I folded its sides and sew.

overalls, refashion
Like this..
Once the patterns are finished, I pinned it to the shorts and connect the two together.

overalls, refashion
The front
overalls, refashion
And the back as well
For the strips, I made two from the left over fabrics with a width of 2.5 inches. If the strips is too short, just connect the other strips together to make it longer.

strips, refashion, overalls

This is how I sew my strips
I sewed the buttons on the corners of the front top and made buttonholes on the ends of the strips. This is how you will put on the overalls.

buttons, buttonholes, refashion

I fasten the buttons on the front and finally put it on to adjust how long the strips will be at the back. I pinned the strips in place and sew it on the back pattern. I made one final adjustments on the shorts by cutting at least 3 inches off. Fold the edges and sew and were done. ^^

Or was it 5 inches?

Now for the final look..

refashion, overalls, sewing, cute

overalls, cute, refashion, sewing
So Cute (´∀`)♡

Its so cute and playful just \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/. I had fun making it and I will definitely wear this as often as I can. I must say, its a job well done for my first refashion this 2017. Tell me what you think down below and don't forget to share this

DIY Pants to Overalls Refashion
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