Simple Tank Top And Short For Ken

Its hard to search clothes pattern for Ken compare to Barbie's so I went ahead and made one myself. Clearly I didn't know what I got myself into because its a lot harder than I thought.

As you all know, I made my patterns from scratch. And since this is my first time working with a Ken doll, I started making a simple and easy tank top and shorts. Its sounds so easy on paper but it took a lot of failed patterns and modifications to make it fit Ken. And after a lot of struggle, I finally made something decent. And to be honest its not that bad for my first time.
Free Pattern here to download or print
I also made a video tutorial for this, please go check it out on my Youtube channel. The response on the video is fairly positive so I might make more.

My Thoughts

Its definitely a new experience for me. I've never made mens wear ever, so its not in my comfort zone. Which is good 'cause I like a great challenge. Its very different from Barbie, to the sizes down to fashion style. I'm definitely looking forward to making more complex clothes so watch out for more.

Thanks for reading~