How To Make Face Mask With Filter


With the Coronavirus outbreak spreading and affecting everyone in the world. Wearing a mask have been an necessary tool in protecting ourselves from this deadly virus. 

Below is the link to the pattern and a tutorial video on how to make a face mask with a filter pocket. Although fabric face mask are proven to be not as effective as N95 and surgical mask. It does prevent you from touching your nose and mouth when your outside. It is also environment friendly and a cheaper alternative because you can literally make face mask from your old clothes

Face Mask Pattern here 

Face Mask Tutorial here

 How to Print the Pattern Correctly 

Of course just wearing face mask is not enough to prevent the spread of virus. Its is also advisable to:

  • Regularly wash your hands especially after you went outside

  • Always maintain social distancing

  • Avoid social gatherings and crowds

  • Stay at home, if possible avoid unnecessary travels)

  • Cover your sneeze and cough

With the pandemic still going strong and no vaccine has yet to come out, all we can do is cope with this 'new normal' and protect not only ourselves but our loved ones. Stay safe everyone and I pray that this will be over soon

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