Easy Dress Pattern For Licca-Chan

I'm back to sewing again. The one hobby that helps me cope with what is happening over the world. With the pandemic still looming over us on top of the other problems, this helps me relax and pass the time.

I mostly make barbie clothes but I do own other dolls as well. Thats why this time, I made one for Licca-chan's.
Licca-chan Dress Pattern here

 How to Print Doll Patterns Properly 

This pattern fits other dolls with the same body type as Licca-chan's (e. g. Blythes, etc.) 

You can also alter it to your liking like change the collar, add beads or play with different fabrics. Here is the link to a video I made showing how I sew 3 different dresses with only this one pattern

That is all for this post, I hope you like this dress pattern for Licca-chan. Its a lot different than what I usually do, but I will definitely make more so stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading~



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