How to Make Eco Friendly Foldable Tote Bag

I've been using eco bags or tote bags for years, and my personal favorite are the fold able ones. They're a space saver and can be carried everywhere with you. Its been a part of my everyday life so when my trusty tote bag finally worn out. I had an idea to took it apart,and recreate a new one.


  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Any fabric, just recycle old fabric lying around in your house
  • Velcro
  • Needle & Thread/ Sewing Machine


1. Like I said, I took apart my old tote bag and retrace its pattern. Down below are the measurements for the fold able tote bag. Always cut 2 pieces of fabric for the body and the sides of the bag. One will be for the outer fabric and the other for the lining.
Make sure to add at least a 3/4 inch allowance

2. Line those 2 pieces of fabric together, both good sides facing each other and sew a french seam on the wrong side of the fabric. Check this video link to learn how to do a french seam

3. Sew the pocket first on the body before you start sewing all the parts together. Then make 2 pieces of straps and the little flap part for the opening. Sew the flap part edges closed except for its bottom edge. 

4. Fold that bottom raw edge on the good side of the fabric and sew it on the very center, facing the inside opening of the bag. Afterwards, start sewing the straps along with the Velcro. Just follow along this video tutorial for a more in-depth instructions.

And that's it, I honestly hope you guys understood my tutorial. I not only wanted to share how to tutorial. But also encourage you to make one yourself or at the very least, opted to using tote bags over plastics. Given how fast our society is growing, its not a surprise that we have a lot of waste and its slowly destroying our mother earth. So reduce the use of plastics and recycle as much as you can. Cause every small step counts to make a big change

Until my next blog, see you



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