How To Remove Stains On Dolls Like Magic

Buying preloved dolls can either be a hit or a miss. A hit when you found it in pristine condition. And a miss when the doll looks so bad like this. Hopefully I can fix her up like my previous ruined doll.

The stains are cause by the dye in her hair 


  • Benzoyl Peroxide 
  • Cotton buds


I found a lot of ways on the internet but this method is the most effective for any stains and dyes on dolls. All you need is benzoyl peroxide or commonly known as acne cream. You can find this product mostly on drugstores, I got mine from Mercury drugs for 380 Pesos. Crazy expensive if you ask me, so this better works.

Benzoyl peroxide, acne crean, how to remove doll stains

1. First, apply a generous amount of benzoyl peroxide on the stained parts using cotton buds

2. Next, set the doll outside directly on sunlight for the peroxide to activate. This will help lighten the stains on the doll.

3. Leave it for a day or until the sun is out. Then remove the cream with soap and water. At this point, you can see the stains has lighten up or just about gone. If you still have stubborn stains showing just repeat the steps above until its all gone.

Took me 3 days to removed all the stains

Tip: A faster way to lighten the stains is by covering the cream with clear plastic before setting it out in the sun. That keeps the benzoyl peroxide from drying out fast

Something I notice with using benzoyl peroxide is it tends to bleach the dolls skin. So be careful when using this on darker skinned dolls, for it may cause discoloration if you leave the cream too long. Anyways, thanks for reading this 'till the end and hopefully this post is helpful.



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