How I Apply For My NBI Clearance in Riverbanks Center?

How to Apply for NBI Clearance in Riverbanks, Marikina

So I heard from a friend that the NBI branch in Riverbanks Center is back again and now officially open, which is a good news not only for me but for the rest of us who lives near the area. So with this opportunity, I decided to try going there myself
But before you pay them a visit, you need to register online first. They won’t accommodate those without online registration. Trust me, they will tell you to look for an internet cafe and register there yourself which is a huge hassle and a waste of time if you're already there. And that's what I did and registered on this website

After you have officially registered and set the date of your appointment, you can now go to Riverbanks Center. Just be sure to bring a valid ID and your printed reference number. The NBI branch is located outside the Riverbanks mall at the very back. Its in front of Figaro which is beside 7-eleven so I suggest you look for 7-eleven and you'll find it (or just ask your friendly Manong guard for directions ^^). I paid my NBI clearance there instead of said banks or bayad centers mention in their website since its wayyy cheaper. 

And if for whatever reason, you are a day or a week late for your appointed schedule. Chill, 'cause your registration has an expiration date of at least a month (the date automatically shows up once you register). So as long as you show up before your registration expires, they will accommodate you. It happened to my friend but seriously, don't be late its not a good habit :/

I gotta say, I enjoyed my experience there since the process is such a breeze. There were no long lines and it only took me less than 10 minutes to get my NBI process (but then again, it is a newly open branch so..) I definitely recommend this to everyone living in Marikina.

Update 2016: Also if you wanna renew your NBI, you dont need to go through all the process above where you need to register online. I actually did exactly that when I renew mine last year, turns out I just need to bring my old NBI lol. But I think, this is only applicable to those who already registered once from their website. So if your NBI is super old, have it register online first.

And thats the end of this post, I hope this helps and I wish you all an easy and stress free journey in getting your NBI Clearance ^^

UPDATE: How to Apply for NBI Clearance in Riverbanks this 2018