How to Embroider a Simple Rose in a T-shirt

Bad news everyone, my sewing machine is broken T^T. It will probably take a while before I can have it fixed. A sad news since I can't work on any sewing projects (at least the complicated ones). But for now, I'll take it as an opportunity to try something different.

Red tshirt embroidery diy
Got my plain red shirt ready !!
Different like embroidery. I've never tried embroidery before but I've always been curious about it. Hopefully this will not end in failure :)

What You'll Need:

  • Plain tshirt
  • Embroidery hoop (got mine for 105 pesos from a local craft store in the mall)
  • Embroidery thread (bought this in Daiso for 88 pesos, they have 2 sets for these, too bad i didnt buy the other set)
  • Embroidery needle and scissors

First, find a design you like for your shirt, you can either draw one or search the net. I chose a simple rose design (they seem trendy nowadays so why not) and roughly trace them on the shirt with a marker

I don't know if you guys can see it, but I draw 2 roses on the shirt

Next, place the embroidery hoop where your design should be. If your design is as small as mine, a smaller hoop should be more suitable. Now I know I used a larger hoop here, I couldn't find a smaller size in my area so we have to make do. But this hoop should also work well

Embroidery, rose, tshirt, red
Tightly secure the hoop
Now lets start embroidering. I used a basic stitch called split stitch to fill the outline of the design. Since the color of my shirt is red, (basically the same color as a rose) I only need to stitch the outline with a black thread. Its a cool hack for beginners like me who can only do basic stitching. Like if you want to stitch a banana buy a yellow shirt, or stitch a heart go for a pink get what I mean?

Diy, embroidery rose tshirt
It finally looks like a rose
The trickest part for me was the leaves, it took a me while to get the hang of it. What I did was a fish bone stitch but you can also try this one.

I did the same on the other rose and were done. The outcome is cute, my plain old t-shirt looks completely different from before.

Diy, embroidery rose tshirt
Is it just me or the other rose is bigger?

Diy embroidered tshirt
Wow !!!
And thats about it, I honestly had fun making it. I hope my first attempt in embroidery inspire you to recreate your own embroidered t-shirt.

DIY How to Make a Rose Embroidered Tshirt

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