Easy Do It Yourself Velvet Choker

DIY How to Make Velvet Choker
DIY Velvet Choker

Another popular trend from the 90s that made a great comeback is the velvet choker. Its a strong statement piece that adds glamour in your plain average ootd. I've seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nadine Lustre and many others wear this, and so can you without spending a single cent

What You'll Need:

  • scraps of velvet fabric
  • needle & thread (same color as the fabric)
  • fabric glue or shoe glue
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • ruler & marker

1. Find an old clothes you own that is velvet, preferably something you'll never wear again. For me, I have a velvet skirt that I never knew I had

2. Fold the velvet fabric in half and trace a rectangular shape of what your choker will look like. Just eyeball how long and thick the choker will be. Its okay if the length is shorter for your neck, we will be fixing that up later. Mine was as thick as the ruler I'm using on the picture.

3. Cut your trace pattern and glue them together with a fabric glue (I used shoe glue here which also works well). Fold theraw edges inside for a clean finished and wait for it to dry.

Tip: Iron the folds and hems of the choker to make it easier to apply glue and lets its stick faster

4. Now take your ribbon, cut it into two and sew one on both ends of the choker. Its totally up to you how long you want it to be. Tie it on your neck and you got your own velvet choker.

Its classy, trendy and looks expensive af, no one will guess you made this yourself with just a few scraps of fabric. Give it a try and let me know how it goes ..



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