Getting Contact Lenses for the First Time in Ideal Vision

So I've been wearing glasses for a year and a half now. And it was fun and all but now I figured I wanted to try getting contacts.

I've always wanted to wear contacts since way back in college (when I was into cosplay). Unfortunately, I always chicken out since it looks intimidating and complicated. But this time, I finally went ahead and bought one at Ideal Vision, Sta. Lucia branch. The whole experience was surprisingly normal. You get your eyes check and pick what kind of contacts you'll be getting (like the color, the brand and its end date). I chose a brown pair of contacts which will last me a year (sorry I forgot the brand). This cost me about 1250 pesos for 1 pair of graded contacts (free solution included)

They're out of stocks that week so I didn't get to wear contacts that day and was told to go back (its like 2 days before Christmas so what can we do). Fast forward to next week, I was getting giddy and nervous. Thankfully they to gave me a run down on how to put it on and its maintenance.

My thoughts? Putting it on is a lot harder than taking it off. I was legit crying my eyes out after finally putting it on myself (it wasn't because of excitement at all). The feeling is definitely uncomfortable and blurry, which the doctor said is normal since my eyes are only getting used to it. Overtime though, it actually gets clearer. I was also told to only wear it for 4 hours on the first day. Then gradually increased it to 8, with 10 hours being the limit.

One week has pass, and I still suck in putting it on. I think once you overcome that blinking reflex, you'll get used to it. Contacts definitely has its pros and cons. But overall, I enjoy the experience and hopefully I get better at it with time and practice.

That's about it, I hope you guys found this helpful especially for first timers like me.

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