Doll DIY: Tutorial on the Crazy Popular Bucket Hat

diy barbie bucket hat

Bucket hats or fisherman's hat are crazy trendy right now. I see them everywhere that even my brother got convinced to buy one. Although its not my style, I figure I should jump on this trend and make some for my dolls.

Below are links to the pattern and the video tutorial I uploaded on Youtube. This bucket hat can fit not just Barbie's head but also others dolls like Ken, Licca, etc. 

To print the patterns accurately, check out this blog post I recently wrote.

My Experience 

I initially thought it will be an easy project seeing I'm making something so small. Well I'm obviously wrong because so many thing has gone wrong with this project. 

Making the pattern from scratch is difficult especially if you have zero knowledge how to construct one. I had to push this project aside for weeks until I watch enough tutorial to get the concept of making it. Its worth it though, I learned a lot and the results look so good on the doll.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant. Let me know in the comments if you like it. I appreciate all the honest feedbacks.

Happy sewing! 



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