Epilin Hot Wax Hair Remover Review

Its been such a long time since I made a product review. And now I'm bringing it back better than ever

Epilin Hair Remover

Price: Php 89.75 at Watsons

Ingredients: Natural tree resin, natural beeswax, vegetable oil

Claims to: Remove unwanted hair on face and body (lip, chin, arms, armpits, bikini line) down to the roots. Repeated use of Epilin will weaken the roots which in turn will make hair grow thinner and eventually disappear. No chemicals, colorants and fragrance 100% natural.


Its cheap. Under 100 pesos you get a pan full of wax, a spatula and instructions inside and back. I have use this at least 2 - 3 times (or 4 if you're really pushing it). And it works, you can get almost every hair on your armpit in just one application. It also hardens quite fast which saves a lot of time and pain you need to endure.


Now what I hate about this the most is, it cools down too fast. I have to reheat this 3 times cause it hardens quite easily. You have to work fast which is a struggle especially for a first timer like me. It can also get messy. With such a small pan, theres bound to have a few slip ups here and there. And let me tell you now, the wax are HARD to clean. So do yourself a favor and place some old newspapers beforehand, cause its bound to be messy and sticky. Be especially careful with that tiny ass pan, I died cleaning the wax on my microwave.

Overall, I will gave this product 4/5. Its cheap and it works well but I don't like how messy and time consuming it can get. Its definitely not beginner friendly so beware.

4 out of 5
Not bad !!



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