8 Tips You Need to Know to Survive the Christmas Bazaar

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, expect a lot Christmas bazaars or tiangge popping out from the most random places. I confess, shopping is actually one of the things I look forward to when its Christmas. Who can resist the many sales and low price items in these season of giving. But before you decide to drop them a visit, here are some helpful tips I learn over the years of Christmas shopping that will help you shop with ease.

8 Tips You Need to Know to Survive Christmas Bazaars
Photo by Rodolfo Marques via Unsplash

1. Make a List

Make a List
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters
The first and most important task you need to do before the actual shopping. List down the things you actually needed and how much is your budget. Christmas is also season of temptation. And seeing so many stuff on SALE, its no wonder we tend to get distracted. Which led us to our doom, overspending. Something I'm sure were all guilty of.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear Comfortable Clothes
Photo by Benjamin Voros
When bazaars and tiangge come to mind, expect a crowd of people and a LOT of walking. You'll definitely break a sweat. So I highly suggest wearing light shirts and a pair of comfy shoes or sandals. Less accessories too, so its easier to try out stuffs like watches or earrings. Don't forget to bring a towel or two.

3. Bring your Own Shopping Bag

Bring your Own Shopping Bag
Photo by Alexandra Gorn
Here in my hometown Marikina, we have a 'no plastic' policy. So most stalls used paper bags and old newspaper for wrapping which can be a bitch when your out shopping for many things. So now every time I go to these bazaars, I always came prepared and bring my own shopping bag (the bigger the better). Trust me it makes the whole shopping experience a lot more easier.

4. Bring Smaller Bills

Bring Smaller Bills
Photo by Niels Steeman
Speaking of prepared, its also a great idea to have a few smaller bills in your wallet. Vendors don't always have a change for larger bills like 1000 pesos and such. So having smaller bills will save you and the vendor from inconvenience.

5. Fill your Tummy and Stay Hydrated

Fill your Tummy and Stay Hydrated
Photo by Quentin Lagache
Shopping can be a tiresome task. Walking around for hours and going head to head with a crowd of people takes a lot of energy. So make sure you eat and drink lots of water before heading out in the battlefield. Shopping is fun but always keep your health in check.

6. Look Around and Compare

Look Around and Compare
Photo by Heidi Sandstrom
"That dress was so much cheaper in that stall over there". "I should have look around some more before buying this shoes, its much cheaper here", to avoid this kind of 'what if' scenario. Its always a good choice to look at different stalls before deciding what to buy. Finding a good bargain always takes time, so don't rush and shop wisely.

7. Always Double Check

Always Double Check
Photo by Parker Burchfield
Does it work right? Is it too tight? Are there any tears or damages? Always double check the stuff you are buying. Bazaars especially tiangges, don't always have a return policy. Unlike in the mall, here you take what you get so check your item twice. I have a few shopping failures myself. Like changers not working, my other shoe is 1 size larger than the other and so on. Sure its cheap but it still sucks to waste money on something with defect. So always double check !!

8. Be Alert

Be Alert
Photo by Jason Wong 
Last but definitely not the least, stay alert at all times. Holidays like this are almost always susceptible to crimes. And Christmas bazaars are definitely a haven for these criminals. Here are some reminders to keep you from being a potential victim.

  • Don't wear eye catching jewelries. Always keep it simple and modest to not attract trouble to yourself.
  • Don't bring out your phones. I think this is self explanatory, you never know when pickpockets will come out.
  • Keep your belongings close. Wear a shoulder bag instead of backpacks and keep it close and in front of you.
  • Beware of scammers, always ask the price before paying the item, they might change it halfway. And always check if they give you the correct change. Fake money are also likely to increased this season, so be cautious.

And there you have it, I hope you found these tips helpful and make your shopping experience less stressful this coming holidays. Christmas shopping is fun if done right. Merry Christmas to all and Happy shopping !!

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